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Day 43 - Starlight
Glittering oceans
Reflect the heavens splendour
Upon a lone tear
:iconmeterious:Meterious 1 1
Day 42 - Lightning
A flash of Lightning 
Burns across the graphite sky
Blinding resplendence
:iconmeterious:Meterious 2 2
Day 41 - Moonlight
Pale enlightenment
Cascading through the forest
Awakens its soul
:iconmeterious:Meterious 3 3
Day 40 - The Silent Owl
Whispered wings of night
A screech breaks the silence
The mouse meets its end. 
:iconmeterious:Meterious 2 0
Day 39 - Fiammetta Wildfire
With savage eyes of wildfire, she burns to know the world,
Discarded by the king she loved, the coals of mistrust burn brightest,
Throwing his treachery upon the pyre, she devours his world in embers,
Searing, scorching, conflagration...a rapid oxidation,
The throne is hers, all so she thinks, a flare within the darkness,
A sea of flames and war breaks out, she loses all she's gained,
Laying in the dulness of defeat, she cries out ashen embers,
Her incandescence all but lost, as her heart grows ever dimmer,
But then a spark ignites her hearth, revenge is on the table,
Exiled far from what she's known, she kindles acts of cruelty,
Followers clamour at her feet, her words a spiteful bonfire,
The hunt is on, she'll snuff them out, they'll all go up in smoke,

For her name is Fiammetta Wildfire,
And with Savage eyes made of coal,
She yearns to burn the world.

:iconmeterious:Meterious 2 22
Memoirs of an Elemental - Chapter 13
Chapter 13 – Treason
        My morning hadn’t fared any better than my sleepless night had.  Rudely awakened by some muscle bound jock, I was unceremoniously dragged from my cell; yet again black bagged, then brought up to the surface.  I had known I was outside because I could feel the freezing cold air biting into my skin, as I was hauled up into the back of some vehicle.  My bag was swiftly ripped from my head and I was promptly thrown into a small metal cage at the back of what I presumed to be a van or truck.  I blinked under the dim yellow light and sneaked a quick peak outside.  I could tell that it was very early in the morning, as the sun still hadn’t risen yet.  I shivered as the cold air from outside wafted in and made me wish I were still in that glass cell.  Sure, it hadn’t been comfortable, but at least it had been warmer th
:iconmeterious:Meterious 1 22
Day 38 - Spider
Eight legged Terror
Silently creeping closer
Venom fangs of death
:iconmeterious:Meterious 3 11
Day 37 - Ancient Oak
An ancient oak stands
Towering above the world
Silently watching
:iconmeterious:Meterious 4 7
Day 36 - Save the Dragon, Kill the Princess
She's been stolen, she's gone, she's been whisked far away,
Taken by a dress wearing evil, during the height of the day,
With pitter patter feet, and a crooked crown made of gold,
She killed all my guards, how could her heart be so cold,
She took my sweet dragon, from out under my nose,
As I reclined in my chair, for a quick midday doze,
But now that I've woken, my situations become dire,
That cruel-hearted princess, I'll burn her with fire.
I'll clad myself in armour and ready my sword,
As I head towards the princess's ill gotten hoard,
Climbing up the mountain, nothing will stop me,
Now that I come to think of it, she still has my Pony,
I'll rescue him too, and take back all my treasure,
Killing the princess, will be such a pleasure,
As I drive my steel sword, through her greedy black heart,
I catch a glimmer, of my once stolen art,
She looks at me, with a grin on her face,
"Your dragon is mine, begone from this place!"
She swipes at me, with the last of her power,
Sitting over in th
:iconmeterious:Meterious 5 11
Day 35 - Imperfect Perfection
They're right to warn you, for I am no angel,

I fell far from grace, loving me will be painful,
I'll let you get close, then I'll push you away,
And when you've had enough, I'll beg you to stay,
My word is the law, but you'll try and fight back,
I'll tear down your walls, with my pointed attack,
You'll lay broken and bleeding, your heart torn to shreds,
I'll give you the cold shoulder, while we sleep in separate beds,
But beneath all of this, through the lies and the pain, 
Lays a scared little girl, crying out in the rain,
For all she's ever wanted, is to find someone equal,
Will you persist through it all, just to find out the sequel?

:iconmeterious:Meterious 3 9
Day 34 - Unintended Desire
They warn me to stay away from you,
That you have a heart made of blackened coal,
Warm on the outside, your blood runs icy cold,
You'll feast upon my emotions, bathing in the desolation,
With hands made of thorns, you'll cut scars on my skin
Your kiss is like poison, sealing my fate,
They'll be no escape, it's my life that you'll take,
There's no going back, once I climb down that hole,
With viper sharp fangs, you'll suck out my soul,
But should I believe them, that you're just a demon,
There has to be more, or am I just dreaming,
That you have some feeling, deep down within,
Underneath those dark clouds, and beneath that stone skin.

:iconmeterious:Meterious 3 0
Day 33 - Writer's Block
I sit frustrated, staring at my screen,
Why does this blank page, still torment me?
Where once words had flowed, now the floodgates are closed,
Every frustrated word I write, is quickly disposed,
Who knew that creation was so hard to achieve,
When only last week, this screen I just could not leave,
Being a writer, is both blessing and curse,
Forever I now must sit, on creations great hearse.
I close down my screen, and slip into bed,
But oh look what's happened, my mind's no longer dead,
The story it arrives, with great tribulation,
It won't go away, with it's dangling temptation,
I shut tight my eyes, but it won't go away,
Niggling at my heart, it begs me to stay,
To open up that screen, and to write till the morn,
But its just a sweet trick, leaving me restless and torn.
:iconmeterious:Meterious 3 3
Day 32 - Sun and the Moon
I walk with the sun, as I listen to his stories,
He tells me of life and the light that he brings,
He regales me with tales of vast and forgotten kingdoms,
Of a time when the land was together and free,
He beams down upon me with his warm personality,
And I walk away knowing of the joy that he brings.
I walk with the Moon, but she stands there in silence,
Not a single word uttered, not one story retold,
She looks down upon me, with eyes filled with knowing,
And I break down in tears, with my secrets revealed,
Her faint pale light, it awakens my soul,
And I walk away knowing only what silence can tell.
:iconmeterious:Meterious 3 0
Day 31 - Easter Surprise
Golden spring wrapped dreams,
Hidden under her pillow,
Oh no, they've all melted.
:iconmeterious:Meterious 2 0
Day 30 - Desire
Worlds apart, we met on a chance,
Our first kiss, pulled me into a trance,
Where the smell of your skin, was the song that I'd sing,
And the sound of your voice, made me feel like a king,
Your lips so soft, like silken bed sheets,
Just one touch from you, my heart it completes,
Drawing me deeper, with eyes of golden fire,
I bathe in your love, as we dance with desire.
:iconmeterious:Meterious 4 2
Day 29 - Invisible Love
Every night I used to lay, huddled within the darkness,
Bathing in my loneliness, my life so incomplete,
For in the shadows, it became my home, the outside now my enemy,
I'd shut it out and dream, of a world of my own creation,
For I was its god, its humble creator, it bent to my every whim,
But every morning I'd lie awake, my world a distant memory.
But then one day I felt your presence, a distant hum in the forest,
You drew me in with whispered winds,  you took ahold of my heart,
Where once there had been loneliness, a new feeling began to grow,
Of completeness pure and simple, a love beyond all others,
Every night I now lay on my bed, feeling your invisible warmth beside me,
I can't explain your existence, but I know you all the same,
You complete me in so many ways, chasing away the sadness,
I feel stronger now, with you at my side, nothing is impossible,
For you and I were made for each other, this invisible love is forever,
We lay here in the darkness, my heart belongs to yo
:iconmeterious:Meterious 6 4

Random Favourites

3. Arbitrarily Contrary
Your opinion is
As wrong as can ever be
Because I said so
:icondanny-mechanist:danny-mechanist 4 11
1. Glass
You're so close yet I can't touch
I see you there with bag in hand
I know I will miss you so much
But now this wall, between us, stands
You walk away, I shed a tear
As true has come, my one worst fear
Yet there's the plane
And here I am
And there's this pain
And here I am
Through this glass pane
Yes here I am
Just watching you turn and leave.
:icondanny-mechanist:danny-mechanist 15 12
Astral Channeling by Flind Astral Channeling :iconflind:Flind 192 28 Doodlink 021 by 42Ly Doodlink 021 :icon42ly:42Ly 10 23 Doodlink 020 by 42Ly Doodlink 020 :icon42ly:42Ly 13 11 Too close to the Sun by Picolo-kun Too close to the Sun :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 9,073 276 Bad News by Picolo-kun Bad News :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 8,158 261 5 Stages of Grief by Picolo-kun 5 Stages of Grief :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 17,408 1,077 Happy Valentine's by Picolo-kun Happy Valentine's :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 9,474 187 Two sides of a hug by Picolo-kun Two sides of a hug :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 15,375 628
Worlds collide
Worlds collide
Gonna break
Break into pieces
Pieces no one wants to collect
Nobody cares
Nobody wants to care
Everyone is just living their life
Going through
Without any emotions
Just doing things
Till their worlds collide
Nothing is going to stop them
They'll just do what they want
Till their worlds collide
Then there's nothing more
Nothing more than blackness
Shadows of their past.
They want to go back, but they can't
Their worlds collided
Some people can do something
Doing it
Going through the pain of collecting all the shards
All the little, little shards
Cutting themselfs on the sharp edges
Just to life their life again
Trying to find a way out of the dark
They fail
Fail all the time
But they try
Try again
Want to live their life
Fail again
Try again
Sticking all the pieces together
Putting their worlds in order
Till they are finished
Getting back to life
Living their life
Till their worlds collide
Till there are only shards left
Need to fix their worlds
:iconlara-lei:Lara-Lei 7 3
Dark Past
When you are alone
at night
It creeps under your skin
Like vermin
It drops into your ear
Like drool of a monster
Oozing into your brain
Like burning tar
Fading your view
Like autumn mist
Your Past.
The screams of the dead
The screams of the living
Your fears.
The heat of the raging fire
The cold of the winter night
Your memories.
This beast can not be defeated
It can not be forgotten
It will haunt you
Hunt you
Slay you
Till the end of your days
There is no escape
But maybe relief
In his arms tonight
The beast is calm
Whenever he holds you
Whenever he strokes you
Whenever he kisses you
The beast is still there
It growls hushed in spite
But you are not alone tonight.
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 6 17
R Lilith- Meterious by TaiyouPotato R Lilith- Meterious :icontaiyoupotato:TaiyouPotato 5 4 Iorveth by Lara-Lei Iorveth :iconlara-lei:Lara-Lei 9 6 Yennefer of Vengerberg by Lara-Lei Yennefer of Vengerberg :iconlara-lei:Lara-Lei 11 0 Passage in the tree by alanleal22 Passage in the tree :iconalanleal22:alanleal22 919 175



Why do I never see your good mornings till later! Geez, I suck sometimes. haha
Tue Apr 4, 2017, 3:42 PM
I thought it´s time for another happy Good Morning here :D
Tue Apr 4, 2017, 1:41 AM
Good Morning! ;)
Fri Mar 17, 2017, 6:39 AM
Just want to say Good Morning :)
Thu Mar 16, 2017, 2:14 AM
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 2:21 PM
Spam away, I appreciate your enthusiasm :D
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 12:28 PM
...I just realized that I am totall spamming your profile... :D
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 11:31 AM
YAY! I like surprises!
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 2:53 AM
Surprise incoming ;)
Sat Mar 4, 2017, 10:18 AM
I am crrraaaaavvvviiiing for a new chapter, sir!
Thu Mar 2, 2017, 11:28 AM
Nice chess board, very elaborate and fancy! ;)
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 8:31 AM
Oh wow, that´s awesome! We also thought about building a gwent board... currently I use an old chess board, which looks quite nice, too ;)…
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 7:37 AM
I tend to be a dirty Monster player, bombarding you with map status effects :D Speaking of real life cards, have you seen this beaut?…
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 7:33 AM
No way! Me, too! I have all four analogue gwent decks :D And of course I play the Gwent beta, but I just got my key a few weeks ago. Scoia´tael all the way...
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 7:19 AM
Do I play Gwent? Pffft I am Gwent! I not only played it on the game, but I also own the real life versions of the cards, plus I play Gwent on the xbox one stand alone game. I'm a huge Witcher3 fan. Oops, now that's out. haha :D
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 6:50 AM


Meterious's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Literature
United Kingdom
Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name's Mark, I pretty much spend all my time writing fiction stories (Fantasy and Sci-Fi) as well as creating whimsical Poems. I've been writing for over 8 years, and I'm currently in the final stages of editing a teen fiction fantasy novel, prior to seeking publication. If you've had a look around (which I encourage you to do so, if you haven't already), then you'll likely have noticed my weekly running story "Memoirs of an Elemental" (I know, I know...Its a bit of a mouthful). Anyway...every Thursday I deliver another chapter for everyone on here to read. It's a fantasy story with delightful bouts of action, romance and of course, elementals! (Honestly, what is not to love about that eh?) A word of advice though, read chapter 1 first! (Seriously, who jumps straight into chapter 3? No wonder you're confused about what's going on).

Also, in my spare time (Haha, spare time....that's a cute notion) I dabble with photography. Oh who am I kidding, I say I dabble but I bought a Cannon 500D a few years back, so I guess its more serious than mere dabbling (now that i'm reading this, dabble is a funny word when used consecutively) OK, back on track because I'm aware I'm now waffling. So photography, yes, so...I focus mainly on nature, landscapes and Macro photography. Although, I'd love to learn how to take portraits and personal photos of people.

I am up for working on commissions and collaborations. Perhaps you're an artist who is seeking someone to help write a story for your comic, or you need someone to create a poem. Whatever it is, give me a shout and I'm sure I can help you out (oh look, it rhymes!). I am also happy to do Critiques and offer writing and photography advice, so don't be shy!


Chapter 13 is finally uploaded, so have it at! Sword Tard 

This has been the hardest chapter to write so far, as a lot of research went into it.  Also, a lot of staring blanking at the screen, screaming at the words, but we won't talk about that...MCE Emoticon 7 blank

For those who have followed the story this far, your persistence will soon be rewarded, I promise. ;)
Chapter 12 is finally up; after a longer break than I would have liked.  I will be making a PDF version tomorrow and placing it in its own folder, for those who prefer that format. But why would you wait till then eh? It's certainly been a fun chapter to write, that's for sure.   Oh and I'm still going to try and aim for weekly updates, now that my routine is getting somewhat back to normal.

Regarding my daily poems, I hope everyone is enjoying them.  If you have any more theme suggestions then I'm always open to hearing them.  

I want to also take a moment to thank you all for your unwavering support.  It's honestly really appreciated, especially whilst doing such a hard challenge like this.  Anyway, I'm getting all soppy now so I'm going to shut up and eat some food. Toodlepips! (wow I can't believe I actually said that)
Hi guys, sorry for the late update this week but I was in a car crash on Thursday and I had to take a few days off writing to recover.  I'm thankfully ok, but unfortunately my car didn't make it (poor little Mitsubishi).  Luckily for me I wasn't the one who caused the accident so I'll be able to get a new car on the insurance pay out. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Oh and please don't hate me for the ending. I love you guys really, promise. Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 

Chapter 11 - Tricks and Lies by Meterious
Chapter 10 is finished, I hope you all enjoy it. I should be able to get back to the regular Thursday updates again, considering that I managed to finish this one in 6 days. :Bummies: 

 Have a good weekend everyone.:tardwave: 

Memoirs of an Elemental - Chapter 10 Revelation by Meterious
Chapter 9 is finally up! Sorry it took so long but work was super busy and I wanted to make sure it was perfect, before uploading. Sweating a little...  

I'm also trialling a new Pdf format for posting my stories in (Its much nicer than stashWriter).  Please let me know if you like it or not, as I value your opinions.  

Have a good weekend !  :D (Big Grin) 

Chapter 9  Suspension by Meterious



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You were in a car crash? Hope you're well!
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Hey! Yeah, I'm fine thanks. I managed to walk away from it with only a bruised neck. I've now got a new car thankfully :D
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Kevlar is a lifesaver, lets be honest :)
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Thanks! I'm looking forward to going out and doing some more perhaps over the weekend. Like you though, I didn't get the wide lens. Waaaah! 
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Yep when you realise it hits hardI think I've fainted. 
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